Miss Floris


Two experimental works in pencil.  I enjoy occasionally playing with style.
The indomitable Floris is a detective who specializes in locating intangible things, such as emotions, trust, or even zeitgeist.  I’m running an experimental comic sideblog over on Tumblr, of which Floris is a featured character, so if you like weird comics with a vaguely sociopolitical theme, check them out at Bleepitol!


If I have any words of advice, it’s that no matter your age, no matter who you are or what you do, if you have any kind of craft, in a year or two years or eight years, you’re going to look back with a sort of bittersweet reminiscence and realize you were not as bad or as unskilled as you thought you were.  You’re going to realize you were great and never even knew it because you were too busy holding your product up to someone else’s and saying, “But mine doesn’t look like that, so mine’s not as good.”

So stop comparing yourself to others.  Right now.  Stop it.

You are you, and you are wonderful.  What you make is wonderful.  Maybe it isn’t the best, but whose is?  What is “the best”?  It’s a turn-of-phrase that’s largely meaningless, when you really think about it.

What you create is beautiful and great, simply for the fact you enjoyed making it.  You got creative and poured yourself into it and made something that didn’t really exist before, not in the same way.  And that’s so incredibly cool!  Others’ll try to put you down and say your stuff is trash, but look who’s talking, right?

Also, stop being afraid to be inspired.  Even if what you’re inspired by is an existing thing, is a popular thing, that’s ok!  In fact, I totally recommend it because no one ever ever starts totally from scratch — unless you’re really lucky or, you know, a transcendent being from another dimension.  Get inspired by books, by films, by TV shows, be inspired by games and by other people.  Make fan characters, make spin-offs, write fan fiction and just have an all-around blast showing your appreciation for something.  It doesn’t matter if it’s popular or niche.  It doesn’t matter if you’re drawing from something that already exists because you are putting yourself into it.  You’re transforming it, and maybe one day, it’ll become its own thing!  How awesome would that be?

So, whether you’re fifteen or fifty, make stuff.  Make cool stuff.  Stop being so difficult with yourself.  You are far better than you think you are.  Have fun.  Make mistakes and learn from them, but don’t beat yourself up for having stumbled, ok?  Because I guarantee, in a few years, you won’t see the mistakes.  You’ll only realize how awesome you really were, and it’ll sting because you can’t go back in time and tell yourself that.  I desperately wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to post my artwork, no matter how silly or unskilled I thought it was, and to share myself with the world.

So get up, be inspired, create, enjoy.  Don’t let anyone’s attitude stand in your way — least of all your own.

— A. E.


I wanted to write a little update on a pretty important milestone for me:

I’d love to one day be able to support myself with my art, but that day is a long way off. When I first saw these “Buy Me a Coffee” buttons on other artists’ profiles, I had no idea what that was. Then I checked it out, and it sounded really neat! ❤ So, I now have a Ko-Fi account!

Ko-Fi (or Coffee) is a neat little way to support your favorite creators. It functions similarly to a tip jar, and there’s no long-term commitment to pledge support. You can support your favorites by giving an amount approximately equal to a cup of coffee (hence the name) at any time!

As always, thank you for all of your past, present, and future support. It means so much to me and I am always so incredibly flattered whenever I see that people enjoy my artwork. So thank you so, so much. ❤


(407) DSC_0095

Battle Angel Alita, otherwise known as GUNNM, was the first manga I ever completely read cover-to-cover. I quickly proceeded it with the follow-up Last Order. For some reason, the manga and the title character have really stuck with me and remain among my favorites. Since I’ve become less nervous about drawing fan art, I figured I’d try my hand at drawing Alita (aka Gally in the original Japanese) herself!

Fujiko Mine

Lupin III was another anime I watched very early on. Along with InuYasha, it’d air on the [Adult Swim] block when I was around 14, and while I don’t think I ever finished watching the series, I quite liked it. Recently, it popped back into my head, so I decided to go ahead and draw Fujiko because why not? She didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped, but I think it’s pretty good for a first try — especially after not having seen the character for over a decade! ;P
(406) DSC_0094

Dr. Drakken

(405) DSC_0093

I’m posting a few artworks I made before New Years but hadn’t had the chance to post.

Recently, I got to thinking about some of the shows I used to watch, which reminded me of one of my favorites from when I was a teen. I always enjoyed watching Kim Possible, since I’m a pretty big fan of spy stuff, and Dr. Drakken was one of my favorite villains. I loved the mix of sinister and cheesy that his character brought to the mix.