Character Redraw: V. Tau

So much can change over a year and a half.  I created this progress meme to showcase how much my style’s changed over such a short span of time.  I’ve learned and grown personally and artistically, and I’m very proud of myself.  I’m excited for another new year, a fresh start, to see just where I take my art and where it takes me.



Untitled Portrait





I’ve been the worst about uploading.  The holidays are always such a busy, busy time; especially for someone like me, who tends to sit on projects until I have even more work to upload.  Well, at least I can say I have work to share!

untitled dream slug

DSC_0026This little guy appeared in a dream I had. It’s a long story. He was some sort of giant sea cucumber or sea slug being sold in a convenience store, but somehow could survive out of the water? Anyway, in the dream they were in a tank and were on sale, so I got one in my favorite color red and I loved him very much. 🙂