marker doodles

I’ve been meaning to get on a better uploading schedule, but it slipped today.  I didn’t even realize I had forgotten to post something! I made these at the same time as my previous upload. I was bored and messing about with some of my markers.




I was actually in the middle of watching this GTLive video when I created this, and then I completely forgot to upload the piece. I chose a different style of coloring, opting to dot with micron pens instead of full coloring with markers. I like how it turned out. What do you think? 🙂


The Very Fashionable Lizard series


When I was a kid, I had these plastic lizard dolls. I suspect they were for decorating car windows, because they had suction cups on their feet. They were lifelike and realistic. I used to get Barbie doll clothing and dress up the lizards, which, according to my family, looked absolutely hilarious. I always did things slightly outside the norm; I always did things my own way. In the recent past, I got to thinking about those plastic lizards, so I created this, a far prettier version.

I’ve caught up on uploading the backlog of my previously uploaded artwork, so now I can begin uploading some new pieces!  I might post a few different things, as there are some photographs I quite like, as well.  I haven’t completely decided yet.  But I am quite excited for whatever is to come next!